Civil enforcement system tackles motorists parking dangerously

Basildon District Council

The motoring offence

Basildon Council was experiencing large numbers of motorists parking dangerously on high streets, main routes, outside schools, clearways, pedestrian crossings and bus stops. In order to clamp down on these dangerous motoring practices and to provide a safer environment, the council decided to use the powers afforded to them by the 2004 Traffic Management Act to introduce effective parking enforcement in these areas.

Roadflow car used by Basildon District Council

Roadflow car

The traffic enforcement solution

Basildon Council chose the ROADflow Mobile Vision+ civil enforcement system installed into a Smart Car to patrol local hotspots. This mobile enforcement car is fitted with a 3.2 m (when extended) telescopic mast and ANPR camera for static use and is able to pick out possible vehicle contraventions around 40m away using its digital technology.

The ROADflow system can also be used to help tackle environmental crimes such as commercial fly tipping.

Roadflow car used by Basildon District Council

Roadflow camera

Back office civil enforcement system

Basildon Council uses the Chipside system Review Suite and Notice Processing System. Civil enforcement is carried out by the Council. Images from the mobile enforcement unit that capture potential contraventions are downloaded onto two separate DVDs: the master copy sealed and retained and the processing copy is sent to Chipside by special delivery daily. Chipside download the cases using the ‘jpeg’ file into Basildon system, the file becomes linked to the case as a media attachment. Once the evidence has been reviewed by Chipside and a contravention confirmed, the DVLA is contacted to identify the vehicle owner and their address. A PCN/NtO is then created by Chipside and dispatched to the vehicle owner.

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

Dangerous parking can make pedestrian accidents more likely as well as posing a hazard to other drivers. The ROADflow system will help deter drivers who park illegally and carelessly in the district.

The vehicle is improving safety and is able to cover more areas than several enforcement officers.
Malcolm Buckley Basildon District Council