Fixed traffic enforcement cameras reduce city traffic

Bath and North East Somerset Council

The motoring offence

The bus gate system in the centre of Bath was introduced in 2001 with the aim of substantially reducing the number of vehicles using the centre during the day, only allowing buses and taxis to drive all the way through the city centre between 10 am and 6 pm. They are located adjacent to the Guildhall, in Wells Road and also on in the famous Pultney Bridge. The bus gate system was originally policed by a manual camera operator system; However the Council needed to find a more efficient method of static traffic enforcement so as to address the issue of unsociable drivers who, by ignoring ‘bus and taxi only’ signs and driving in bus lanes, cause congestion and slow down buses trying to keep to timetables around the City.

Fixed traffic enforcement cameras reduce city traffic

The traffic enforcement solution

Bath Council has selected five ROADflow Fixed traffic enforcement systems set up to monitor bus gates, each static system consisting of a remote ANPR camera connected to a fibre optic network. Video feeds from these cameras are sent back to the ROADflow processor boxes mounted in a secure CCTV room. The evidence packs generated by the boxes are then sent over the Bath & North East Somerset private network to their back office located in Keynsham.

As Bath has been designated a World Heritage Site it was necessary to provide a bespoke camera installation so as to blend in with the surroundings. This installation consists of three ANPR camera units, each covering a bus gate, which have been painted the colour of Bath stone. A fourth unit is installed on a more traditional CCTV column. The cameras used for Bath & North East Somerset are specialist ANPR units with an integrated infra-red illuminator that allows 24 hour enforcement. They are used at a range of between 30 to 35 m for this installation.

ROADflow Fixed traffic enforcement system

Back office civil enforcement system

The Fixed systems interface with the Zenco Zengrab Review Suite and the Mouchel ICPS Notice Processing System. Enforcement is carried out by BANES.

ROADflow Fixed traffic enforcement system

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

The council has stated that the ANPR technology had clearly proved more effective than the previous manual system and is helping to keep the city centre safe and congestion free.

Money raised from the fines contributes towards transport services, such as community transport for the elderly and disabled people and free off-peak bus travel for the over-60s.