Mobile civil enforcement for unlawful parking at school

Bedford Borough Council

The motoring offence

Bedford Council had a problem with unlawful parking outside schools, potentially putting children’s lives at risk. The urgency to tackle the unsocial behaviour was compounded when two pupils from local schools were knocked over in a week. Safety, together with traffic congestion, necessitated Bedford Council using the 2004 Traffic Management Act as a means of enforcing traffic restrictions against motorists who break the law.

The traffic enforcement solution

Bedford Council selected the Mobile Vision+ ROADflow civil enforcement system to patrol approximately 80 schools within the borough.

Back office civil enforcement system

Bedford Council uses the ICES IRF Review Suite together with the ICES (Langdales) Notice Processing System. Civil traffic Enforcement is carried out by the Council.

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

We have problems outside our schools with unlawful parking which are putting children’s lives at risk and creating a great deal of congestion. These vehicles allow officers to cover a large number of schools so anti social behaviour of parents is caught on camera.

This technology will cover its cost and is a sound investment in preserving the life and limb of children attending Borough schools.

Cllr Charles Royden, Bedford Borough Council