Mobile civil traffic enforcement takes on anti-social parking

Plymouth City Council

The motoring offence

The city of Plymouth had problems caused by dangerous and anti-social parking outside schools, restricted areas and with persistent evaders. The council decided to procure an efficient and economic automatic camera system which could be used by other local and transport agencies.

ROADflow car

The traffic enforcement solution

Working with the Police, the local Road Safety Camera Partnership, the city’s public transport providers and ICES to tackle the problem, Plymouth selected SEA’s Mobile Vision+ system deployed in a Vauxhall Corsa Van. The vehicle will be used at school entrances, traffic hot spots at peak times and using a leasing agreement, local partners can use the vehicle when it is not required. These agencies will take full advantage of the traffic enforcement technology to target specific contraventions or traffic issues including peak holiday season, major events, seat belt, licence discs, red light, mobile phone and bus lane offences.

Back office civil enforcement system

The Vision+ system interfaces with the ICES IRF (Langdales) Review Suite Notice Processing System. Enforcement is carried out by Plymouth Council.

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

Mike Artherton, Plymouth’s Parking and CCTV Manager said:

I am sure the versatility and visibility of this new technology will result in much greater road safety, and minimise the number of parking and traffic contraventions.