Mobile enforcement units help out school's traffic problems

Bournemouth Borough Council

The motoring offence

Despite developing a highly successful enforcement programme in a leading tourist destination, the enforcement team at Bournemouth Borough Council had a problem, experienced by many authorities, that of irresponsible parking around school gates. The issue was constantly debated in the local newspaper, within local educational circles and among local residents. Concerted efforts to educate parents and teachers had limited impact. Increased frequency of CEO patrols had limited success (not all schools could be patrolled at the same time). Fixed CCTV cameras outside all schools was a possibility, although this was not financially viable given the short duration each day when offences occurred.

ROADflow car

The traffic enforcement solution

Bournemouth purchased two variants of the ROADflow mobile traffic enforcement system - Mobile Vision+ (for use around schools) and two Fixed traffic enforcement systems (for use at a temporary bus gate and other hot spots. These systems were a unique road safety initiative aimed at reducing the number of road accidents involving children, bus passengers and pedestrians. Working in partnership with Bournemouth traffic enforcement officers and ICES (back office supplier), SEA‘s system enabled the assigned CEO to verify offenses spotted by the ANPR-enabled ROADflow system.

Following automatic identification of potential offenses the captured evidence is sent for assessment at the end of each day - providing full compliance with statutory regulations for enforcement using approved surveillance devices.

Bournemouth council has stated that it had handed out 1,229 fines for parking in bus stops and 86 for parking outside schools on zig-zag lines since the cameras came into use last June 2009. The council reports that it has seen an improvement at some of its schools where there have been problems before, and the bus operators are confirming that they are already noticing fewer obstructions at bus stops, indicating that motorists are parking more responsibly.

Back office civil enforcement system

Probable contraventions are sent automatically to the ICES IRF back-office management system, which automatically links with the DVLA and provides details for onward processing in accordance with a local authority’s standard procedures for issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). Enforcement is carried out by Bournemouth Council.

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

SEA’s ROADflow system offers proven benefits to residents and businesses alike by reducing the number of road accidents, improving the reliability of bus services, reducing the impact of congestion and consequently improving the environment for everybody.

Gerry Bolland
Enforcement and Parking Services Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council