Mobile traffic enforcement in a Smart car

London Borough of Redbridge

The motoring offence

Following the introduction of the 2004 Traffic Management Act, Redbridge had a requirement to enforce civil parking and moving traffic violations within its borough. Following complaints from residents the council sought a proven civil enforcement system to help it police areas around local schools, high streets, main routes and other pedestrian areas affected by anti-social parking behaviour.

The traffic enforcement solution

Redbridge Council selected the Mobile Vision+ ROADflow civil enforcement system installed into a Smart Car which included a 3.2 m (when extended) mast. The system commenced operation in the borough in November 2009.

Back office civil enforcement system

The Vision+ system interfaces with the Synetics Review Suite and the Civica CE Notice Processing System. Enforcement is carried out by APCOA.

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

In July 2010 the council stated:

This is important in our pursuit to improve road safety and also helps us respond positively to the regular requests from residents to address these issues. 1,203 fines have been issued - the council does not consider this to be an excessive number as it has been proven that action taken has increased compliance, which assists the road safety of all road users. This vehicle is not used as a money-making venture, but to collect evidence of vehicles undertaking illegal moving traffic contraventions throughout the borough.

Council Spokesman London Borough Redbridge