Static traffic enforcement cameras used to monitor bridge access

Gloucester City Council

The motoring offence

The Llanthony Bridge swing bridge in Gloucester crosses the Gloucester and Sharpness canal and is open to emergency vehicles, taxis, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. The bus lane is also used by park and ride vehicles. The bridge is very close to the new shopping centre, Gloucester Quays, Gloucestershire College and the city centre and is a busy thoroughfare for residents, shoppers and visitors.

Since the bus lane opened, the council noticed a steady increase in the number of motorists ignoring the restrictions, using it as a cut-through to the city centre. This raised concerns over the safety of pedestrians using the bridge, so the council had to arrange a means of civil traffic enforcement in order to contravene.

The Llanthony Bridge swing bridge in Gloucester

Llanthony Bridge

The traffic enforcement solution

Gloucester City Council selected a Fixed ROADflow system which went ‘live’ in July 2010. The static civil enforcement units were installed onto a lamp post and in a roadside cabinet.

The Llanthony Bridge Roadflow camera

ROADflow camera

Back office civil enforcement system

Gloucester Council operates the Chipside Review Suite and Notice Processing System. Enforcement is carried out by APCOA.

Roadflow equipment, Llanthony Bridge

Roadflow equipment

Comments about the traffic enforcement campaign

We decided to get tough on people who abuse this system because we are concerned about the safety of pedestrians. People using this area only expect to see occasional buses and taxis however, with drivers using it illegally; there is a real risk an accident could occur.

Cllr Stan Waddington, Cabinet Member for Transport GCC

The system was installed on Llanthony Road Bridge in July 2010. The council reports that illegal usage has dropped from about 2,000 a day to 170 - the county council said the number of drivers using the bridge was still too high.