ANPR/ALPR Traffic enforcement solutions

The ROADflow product suite is designed and proven to offer successful traffic enforcement with noticeable operational efficiencies. ROADflow is the only suite of enforcement technologies which offers vehicle-based mobile traffic enforcement and re-deployable static traffic enforcement with a fully integrated review facility. The ROADflow variants can be used individually or in concert to allow previously difficult contraventions to be efficiently enforced.

What traffic enforcement solution are you looking for?

ROADflow Flexi

A re-delpoyable, intelligent static traffic enforcement solution. Designed to effectively enforce bus lanes and bus gates using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR).

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ROADflow Mobile

A mobile traffic enforcement system used both on and off street, perfect for civil traffic enforcement in key areas such as schools, pedestrian crossing, clearways and permit and cashless parking enforcement.

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ROADflow Replay

Complimentary to the ROADflow mobile and static traffic enforcement solutions, Replay offers an easy-to-use incident review facility designed and developed through consultation with real end-users.

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ROADflow Signal

A static traffic enforcement system using a camera secured to an existing item of street furniture or a dedicated pole. The data processing unit is located in a nearby roadside cabinet.

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ROADflow areas of enforcement

  • Schools
  • Bus gates
  • Tram gates
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Permit parking
  • Cashless parking
  • Bus lanes
  • Bus stops
  • Clearways
  • Level crossings
  • Residential areas
  • Taxi ranks

If you’re interested in any of the systems detailed above, improving road safety or reducing congestion please contact our ROADflow team:

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