Flexible traffic enforcement system

Roadflow flexi

ROADflow Flexi

The ROADflow Flexi is an effective re-deployable ANPR camera system ideal for enforcing restricted routes such as bus lanes and bus gates. This Flexible traffic enforcement system is designed to allow rapid re-deployment to hotspot areas with minimal effort and disruption to operations. Once installed the system generates Evidence Packs upon detecting a contravention and sends them to the back office processing system using wireless technologies. Without the need for CCTV operators the system can enforce 24/7 ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimal effort.

Flexible traffic enforcement system key features:

  • No roadside cabinet required – lamp post, CCTV column or building mounted
  • A single mains supply is the only site requirement
  • Lightweight – Just over 10 kgs in total for unit, bracket and ANPR camera
  • Easily re-deployable once a site achieves its compliance target
  • A choice of 3G, WiFi or fixed data communications
  • Manufacturers certification for complete system including ROADflow Replay review suite
  • Integrates with all Back Office processing systems

Typical uses

  • Bus lanes
  • Bus gates
  • Tram gates
  • Level crossings new
  • Red light monitoring
  • Moving traffic contraventions

The ROADflow Flexi traffic enforcement system offers a flexible way to enforce traffic on restricted routes. To see how this easy to use system can help you, please contact us today on

+44 1373 852 022 or roadflow@sea.co.uk

We're also able to offer live demonstrations of our systems, in action, on your roads.
Please let us know if this would be of interest to you.