Mobile traffic
enforcement system

Roadflow mobile

ROADflow Mobile

The ROADflow Mobile traffic enforcement system can cover a large geographical area while enforcing traffic regulation orders en-route using the latest GPS and ANPR technology, thus reducing operational costs. ROADflow Mobile is vehicle-based and has two operating modes, attended and unattended.  It is used both on and off street and is perfect for civil traffic enforcement in key areas.

Attended traffic enforcement

In attended mode, a second operator is located in the vehicle, or the vehicle is parked so that the driver is free to operate the system. In this mode, a screen located inside the vehicle allows the operator to view the output of the overview camera. Pan, tilt and zoom facility are provided to enable the camera to be trained and focused on ar-eas of particular interest; bus lanes, bus gates, schools and level crossings, for exam-ple. The operator can manually trigger the system to record evidence, which is then handled in the same manner as the evidence captured in Unattended mode.

Unattended traffic enforcement

In unattended mode, the driver is not required to interact with the system when cap-turing evidence on the move. This mode enables the automatic detection of a possi-ble offence within the enforcement zone or area. The ROADflow system identifies ve-hicles that are committing a probable offence by collecting position and video evi-dence, which is then stored ready for secure transfer to the back office when the vehi-cle returns to the depot.

ROADflow Mobile is available in three default hardware configurations designed to meet the needs of the user community: Auto, Vision and Vision+.

Typical uses

  • Outside schools
  • Bus stops
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Clearways
  • No waiting areas
  • Resident permit and cashless parking
  • Environmental crime
  • Event management

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