Traffic incident
review software

ROADflow Replay

The ROADflow Replay traffic enforcement software is an incident review and processing system which is fully integrated with all ROADflow parking and traffic enforcement systems. Replay offers easy to use incident review facility.

ROADflow Replay imports Evidence Packs (EPs) from Mobile, Fixed and Flexi camera units and efficiently manages workflow by allocating EPs to the next available reviewing staff.

Key features of our traffic enforcement software:

  • Interfaces with all major back office systems
  • Allows Manufacturers Certification with all ROADflow products
  • Compatible with Mobile, Fixed and Flexi systems
  • Quick and uncomplicated user interface designed with input from real users and CEOs

Following the positive feedback SEA was given for its Evidence Pack Viewer, SEA has developed it into a full review suite application to compliment the ROADflow product range.

Reviewers are able to quickly and easily access new Evidence Packs, play the footage and select key images to be included with the issued PCN. Due to the close integration with the ROADflow Mobile, Fixed and Flexi systems, the main data fields are automatically populated allowing a review of a single Evidence Pack to be done in a matter of seconds.

Successfully reviewed EPs are then automatically exported to notice processing software and then issued as Penalty Charge Notices. ROADflow Replay is available for integration

To reap the rewards from the latest ANPR technology, ROADflow replay allows you to review and archive evidence in an easy to use and accessible way. This traffic enforcement technology is the perfect partner to all of our enforcement products.

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