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Roadflow signal

ROADflow Signal

Level crossing traffic problem

It is a well known fact that there are a number of motorists that continue to drive across level crossings after the ‘wig wag’ stop lights have been activated. These drivers are placing themselves, their passengers and the staff and passengers on the trains at risk of serious injury or even death. Coupled with this there is also the inconvenience to passengers and expense of getting the rail line back into an operational state after an incident.

Traffic enforcement solution

ROADflow Signal is a certified traffic enforcement system designed to enhance public safety at railroad level crossings through strict photo enforcement. Installation is non-intrusive, requiring no inductive loops or other connections to crossing equipment, ensuring existing trackside safety certifications are maintained.

• ROADflow Signal uses advanced video analytics to detect flashing red lights, enabling photo enforcement
• Evidence packs are only generated when the red stop signal is activated and vehicle has passed the barrier
• The ALPR/ANPR engine is instructed to trigger on vehicles as they cross the stop line
• System is completely automatic and operates 24/7, requiring no user intervention
• Encrypted evidence stored locally in the device or transmitted securely to the back office via 3G/4G wireless

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